Welcome to the website of Attorney Elmer Robert Keach, III.  Since starting his practice in 1998, Attorney Keach has established himself as a champion for the civil rights of his clients.  He has successfully litigated a wide range of civil rights cases before Federal Courts in six states.  His successes include strip search class actions, custodial death cases, First Amendment litigation, false arrest cases, and employment discrimination cases.  He also has an extensive state court wrongful death and tort practice.  Attorney Keach has handled civil rights and tort cases at all levels of the Court system, having tried several cases to juries and argued multiple cases before State and Federal appeals courts.  Attorney Keach has undertaken extensive trial training to represent his clients.  He holds the Master Advocate Designation from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, and also earned a Masters in Law from Temple University in Trial Advocacy. 

Attorney Keach has prided himself on taking difficult cases on behalf of individuals who ordinarily have no voice against the government, prevailing, and holding those governmental entities publicly responsible for their conduct.  This website introduces you to Attorney Keach’s practice, and his successes on behalf of his clients. 

If you believe your rights have been violated, and you need help, please contact our office.